Why I, a woman, need Meninism

Lets start with some definitions.


Meninists are people that point out things that feminists do that are absolutely disgusting, like laughing at a male domestic abuse victim, or LITERALLY laughing at men being raped. And of course feminists are usually mad at these things being pointed out, and meninists usually get a kick out of their reaction.


She roots for the clits and he roots for the dicks.


A satirical twitter account taken seriously by feminists who lost all sense of reality long ago because it shows how insane they’ve become.

Clearly, men are NOT the issue here. Women who think they don’t have rights are just crazy!! The pay gap is something girls made up so they can get paid more money to do less work than men.

As a woman who works hard to make my money, I know I do not deserve equal pay to the men around me.  I know I am not of the superior gender, so let men get the special treatment they deserve!

Menisism fights not only for men’s rights, but for my rights to work harder than all the men around me. Don’t let those feminists trick you! Women have plenty of rights, they just have to try harder!







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