Top 7 Animated Disney Characters That’ll Make You Say “Am I A Goddamn Furry?”

With the Disney Corporation’s newest blatant money-grab of an unnecessary-ass film coming out soon, it’s got all of us at The Illiad Online thinking, “how hot will the Beast be?”  Don’t try to deny it – we’ve all been there.  Who hasn’t been watching an animated Disney movie and grown slowly uncomfortable as the realization that you think one of the animal characters is attractive and, dare I say it?, smexy creeps up on you.  So join me as I travel through my shame and list the top 7 animated Disney characters that make you wonder if you should have signed up for FurAffinity after all….

7.) Vixey from The Fox and the Hound


I think we’re all glad that while the film was on a break from telling a tragic, allegorical story about friendship and the societal norms that tear it apart, the animators got busy with turning this fox into, well, a fox.

6.) Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats


Don’t we all just want a smooth-talking, street-wise man to sweep us off our feet and take us on a high-paced, song-filled adventure?  So what if he’s a cat…….

5.) Nala from The Lion King

giphy (1)

Are you fucking kidding me?  The animators did this shit to confuse me on purpose….

4.) Roxanne from A Goofy Movie


Not gonna lie I have no fucking clue what type of animal she’s supposed to be.  A dog maybe?  Who knows, but she’s definitely not human and yet, here I sit, aroused.

3.) Nick Wilde from Zootopia


This one’s a little more uncomfortable because he doesn’t have the excuse of “childhood nostalgia” to make me feel a little better in my vague pining.  But between his sad backstory, heart of gold, and the fact that he’s not wearing pants, he continues to make me question my life and my choices.

2.) Robin Hood from Robin Hood


Oh boy there sure are a lot of foxes on this list…… Anyway, this fucker confused me enough to prevent me from realizing I was a lesbian for years, so congrats Disney, you sick fucks.

1.) The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

giphy (2)

Okay yeah, he’s technically not the most attractive on this list – but he’s mopey and emo and I CAN FIX HIM!!!!! Besides, don’t fucking lie to me and say you weren’t disappointed when he transformed back into a human (it’s okay, I think Belle was too).

Honorable Mention goes to Shrek, who could not make it onto this list due to being a Dreamworks character, not Disney.  Also not really an animal.  But if he was……….. hot damn……….. I mean yiff




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