A Letter to the Creators of Glee

Please all, take note of what is to follow. Do not let this happen to your home.

Dear creators,

You single handedly ruined the once great relationship between my roommates and I.  How could a show do such a thing? Let’s talk this out.

  1. It’s all they talk about. 

  2. It’s all they watch.

  3. It’s always playing on our TV.

  4. It annoys me. 

  5. Punches have been thrown over Quinn’s sexual orientation. 

  6. We fight over how awful it is. 

  7. They cannot decide if Rachel Berry is great or terrible.

  8. I get yelled at for speaking over the show. 

  9. Now we all do not speak to each other. 

  10. Everyone is upset, and it’s all your fault. 


A sad member of the quartment



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